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128 Replies to “Slot makinesi şanslı roger bedava oyna”

  1. Dealer showing the hidden card almost all the time to the camera attached to the table..why is that??

  2. Any one else noticed first hand queen of hearts.thats a 200 to 1 lucky lady side bet…

    • @Shermen TheBurban this guy barely wins on black Jack the way he plays so his chances on them slots are a little better 😂

  3. Bad blackjack player. Raising your bets after every win especially when the count is negative is a good way to get yourself killed.

    • Well… I didnt do too bad and played a while longer after it ended! Made a bunch of money back

  4. That system of pressing when you were losing bad is the worst black jack I have ever seen you lost thousands doing that smh.

  5. those deck of cards was already fixed, why not ask for the decks to be dealt in front of you.

  6. Man I been here too many times. Where a dealer can just silence a table and take the momentum from you. Way to hang in there but never seen such bad hands 12,13,15 some hard hands besides the 12 only the 10 or K,Q,J can bust you.

  7. Dude he has 20 wvery time almost and showing face cards 9 out of 10 times… PLAY MULTIPLE HANDS!!!!!

  8. I think he should’ve just stopped playing after he won at first game

  9. If you rely on luck in blackjack you are doomed watch never split tens on u tube

  10. Dealing with *Dumpsterter* on telegram make me believe in darkweb, go trade with him I got my cc, cvv, PayPal and cash app transfer

  11. Anyone else think this dealer is sloppy and cringeworthy.. I seen better dealing from my friend. And she wears braces

  12. The fact you did this high stakes on a 6 deck makes me want to throw up . 4 deck has always been sweet . 6 deck it’s bust every time you hit 12-16 while dealer always has 20. 4 deck you can hit a 13 and commonly pull 6-8.

  13. He should play 3 hands and take the dealers ballin ass hands

  14. martingale betting strategy……never works for long

  15. @4:35 the most misplayed hand in blackjack…still holds true

  16. The more tens that are drawn the better for dealer. He shouldn’t wish for so many tens for the dealer to bust.

  17. Lol, OMG and Jesus is all i hear on this video lol.

  18. Been there but at much lower limits. I like playing alone . You can easily go on a run and pick up 1500.00 quick and leave .

  19. Does he have to say every single dollar amount like a game show host?

  20. Ceasars has nothing to hide… in an age of technology and the younger generation coming to vegas more and more this is something that will draw customers in for sure

  21. Can u ever ask the casino to deal the house first than yourself?

  22. Cool video however it wouldve been cool to see a a tracker for how much money you made.

  23. If you would have stayed on those 16s you would have won more time then you lost. You lost all but 1 of them.

  24. Your wagering strategy is wrong. You shouldnt bet double and then press if you win. You are putting too much of your bankroll at risk. You should be 2123345, assuming you can get up to 7 hands in a row. You conserve more chips when you pull back after the first win. When you lose you go back to getting 2 and the cycle starts again.

  25. The dealer is awful.

    Constantly mishandling the cards. Clumsy and interrupts flow

  26. I wouldnt play that amount of money on an already shuffled deck of cards.

    • I wouldn’t play that kind of money on more than two decks. Single deck or double deck.

    • @Kenny Garza hi Kenny…youll know them by their fruits…if you add all numbers in the roulette it adds up to 666.

    • What would u have them do b shuffle them again in front of you . Just asking not being a smart a// . Just asking

  27. maen di MPOWIN77 lebihh asik daripada temenin anak gw berenang…dapet duit soalnya

  28. So how can I shot vids at casino , do I get sponsors I got the equipment and permission to the casinos ? Sign wavers or ? Cause I know all about sponsors, and the marketing stuff . Been doing it for over 20 years . So can you let me in on the ? I’ve asked yous guys . I’d appreciate it and maybe one day we can sit down and talk in Vegas . That would be greatly appreciated.

    • Kenny just reach out to the casino host or marketing person to get permission to film at the casino you want to at

  29. Wait…since when can you surrender in blacjack? Never seen that before lol

  30. this dude dont know how to blackjack hes just an oldman with an addiction lmao

  31. Hey slot guy you made this video fun , not so nervous watching you lose . But you made it fun and that’s what it’s about fun . Even tho you lost it could have been worst right . I was watching another video. Dam the dude made it look to never racking he was to serious betting 3 grand a hand . Even tho he came out ahead . 4500 . But no laughter just do dam quite . No Inter action with dealer switching decks . Made me freaking nervous made me feel like I had to wait for the come back . Even tho he did , it was no fun watching. But watching yous guys made it fun !! Good luck now let’s go and play some slots !!!!! Good luck to yous guys I’m new to this . But after the freaking pandemic. I’ve decided to live more and change my life . To work different smarter and I’m in the Radio business and vid business but commercially. I’d like to find out how to get free rooms and markers . I was watching slot massacre . He said in one of his vids that he wasn’t gonna carry that much doe with him . That he was gonna just use markers . How do yous do that ? Have a great day yous guys . A new fan !!!

  32. Dont double down when dealer is showing a 2 or 3, dont split aces when dealer is showing 10 (unless your at a casino where you can hit)

  33. No thanks but any time i get of i might come over.

  34. Got a casino trip planned in a few weeks, Im gonna try the Obamacare and Kaiser Permanente line when the dealer offers insurance!

  35. Why would you not play multiple hands after losing like 10 in a row

  36. This guy doesn’t *feel* the deck. You don’t always play by the playbook or just add one chip and hope for a run…. you gotta bet big on some hands and take out on some hands. I’d have shit on this deck honestly

  37. Black Jack sux. You can have 19 and the dealer will pull five or six cards to get 20 happens too many times. Makes the game no fun.

    • @The Big Jackpot with hope, anything’s possible. I’ve had some big wins. Problem is you gotta know when to walk, don’t drink when you play, don’t go back to the tables after winning big and giving it back. Lots of variables. All to the casinos favor. Not to mention you have to take a card first and bust before dealer even touches their hand. House advantage is real. It was fun watching your action though. You play well

  38. the amount of hits on 15 was over 10k loss its so cringe

  39. You got beat at 34:55 you had a 21 and the dealer had a 20

  40. When you surrendered on a pair of 8s, I knew you didnt belong at a blackjack table, Ill still watch slots tho😂

    • @Kenny Garza I like how the internet is the only place you can give your two cents and everyone else needs to top it with theres. Bye karen kenny.

    • @Fredrick Miller I was just joking bro, I guess my comment looks like I was trolling.
      I was taught not to split anything 8 or above in hopes the dealer busts. But I didnt even pay attention to how it played out. I cant afford to play stakes that high but iam sure id play different if I could.

    • He hit 16 every other time. Stay consistent and hit it with what dealer. Sometimes you got to eat one to get the deck rolling.

    • What do you mean surrender the pair of 8s cause he didnt split them ?? Or keep the 16 ?

  41. The amount of high cards the dealer got was dodgy man 😂😂

  42. the dealer fake laughing at the jokes is the best part of this
    working for that tip

    • Dealers are not allowed to hit anything above 17 even if it’s a soft 18

  43. My man deadass said “I guess we should split” when the dealer was showing a 10 that’s fucking comical

  44. kalo aku kubuhnya MPOWIN77 hahahaha ga mau pindah pokoknya

  45. His strategy of playing was so bad he should’ve mixed it up

  46. Nice that they stop at all 17s. Dealer drawing from soft 17 its a rip off. Things are already in favour of the casino. Stay away from casinos that have that rule

  47. Dont brag that you are super rich when you are not and dont get pissed when you lose!

  48. FYI, this game was not real. Theres no way Caesars would allow filming in the room nor would they put the cut card only 1/2 deck in.

    • FYI…this was 100% real. We have permission to film this and most can if they had permission as well. Do some research Ben!!

  49. So funny how gamblers say they have fun losing money

  50. this guy only uploads videos of winning sessions… LMFAO …. I can only imagjne how big his losses are….cause the house always wins…

  51. He should have played two hands to spread out the cards when he started losing

  52. aku masi pemula tapi CS di mpowin77 sabar banget jawabin pertanyaan aku.. top de pelayanannya moga2 bisa menang juga disana

  53. He only lost 4,000 right? Surprised he didnt continue playing. He was doing OK.

  54. Instead of betting that much money $4000 a hand you should bought steaks for everyone

  55. woiii MPOWIN77 denger ga tu?? banyak yang cinta sama lo disini wkwkwkwkwkwk

  56. Makasih banyak MPOWIN77 hutangku lunas smua skrg lg nyicil mobil

  57. Jempol buat mpowin77, dah menang banyak ditambah bonus lagi

  58. MPOWIN77 itu ibarat makan nasi padang pake ayam gulai…buset dahhhh legit abis

  59. How about you don’t hit almost on every hand 🤦🏻‍♂️

  60. Dean Martin always said the house always win

  61. Every time you get 15 and hit you get a 10! You should have seen that and adjusted.

    • @Kenny Garza An Im not a Pro. Its just my own observation.

    • @Kenny Garza Also around those time he should have opened another hand.

    • @Kenny Garza Most of the times he hit and busted. So stay. Alot of those times he would have won because dealer would have busted.

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