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59 Replies to “Narvada grand prix kumarhanesi”

  1. hopefully you can do a north rim video.. Thanks for the info

  2. It is a wonderful sight indeed, but this video seems focused on financial matters a bit much.
    Personally I would prefer to take my family in my 1954 Willys Jeep and go where most tourists do not go
    And I would make it a point to give honor and respect to the local Indians.
    Here in Kansas, we are ready to go!

    • Mark McDermott Be warned though most of us do not like the term Indian, we prefer native or indigenous people 😊

  3. We just got back from the Grand Canyon and I wanted to thank you for this video. You gave some very helpful tips. Thank you for your work with this topic.

  4. I might go stop by here when Im in AZ in February! So excited.

  5. I went in the spring, before school gets out and just after most of the snow is gone. Days were hot and sunny and nights were cool. I did not reserve a room at the South Rim in advance, but easily found a great room for a very reasonable price at the Yavapai Lodge. I drove to every viewpoint along the Rim and they were never full and parking was not a problem. Crowds were small and I never felt over-crowded. It was a great experience. I would not want to go in the summertime when millions of tourists are there.

  6. I found this crazy guy at Grand Canyon about 4years ago. I couldnt believe!

  7. Beautiful video. I have been here many times and keep loving it

  8. Very informative really good rim job you covered the area thoroughly!

  9. Really the best way to see the canyon is to raft through it. Ive gone on two rafting trips down the canyon. Ive also hiked from the north rim to the south rim. I did that with my father and uncle when I was a kid. Ive also taken the train out twice and stayed in one of the few rooms at the El Tovar with a large deck and a peek at the rim. One of my best memories was after a hike down and back sitting in my jetted bathtub in the El Tovar watching Condors soar along the rim.

    • No better way actually, than rafting it. Its the true perspective. Lucky enough to row it and kayak it four times. Just got back from a backpack trip to Thunder River and Deer Creek last weekend as well. Cheers

  10. Stay at the Historic Cabin. I have been there and the Tovar. Cabin is more romantic, has all the amenities, and is only 150 a night. Smaller than the Tovar rooms, which seem like a regular hotel room to me. Make a reservation to the Tovar restaurant for dinner up to 30 days in advance, but there are other places to eat. Cabins are the closest you can get to the edge. Six months before you go reserve for the summer because they fill up. Room reserved for June 2018

  11. Thanks for sharing this video and information well need when visiting this unique place on earth

  12. As a fellow local, thank you for this video. I think I will make it required viewing for visiting friends. 😆

  13. Lovely 🌹🌹Dont ever miss the Skywalk i luved it 🌹

  14. If you are still interested in going there next Summer.

  15. VERY good video! Thank you for making that! I feel like I should Paypal you a dollar!

    • Glad you found it useful. I dont ask for anything in return, but thank you for your compliment!

  16. I would fair to bet that sitting at home and watching the MANY videos others have token on a big screen TV would give you better views and less crowds and a lot less cost of travel and fighting with traffic. It also is more than likely better for disabled folks like myself able to see more and enjoy views we would never see if we went there… Also there have been so many documentaries done of the Grand Canyon as far back as I think 1968 to this present day that will take you places that the common person could never go… In this day and age most people could take a very relaxful vacation right at home you can take time and set down as a family and watch a different documentary each day and still have time to go visit some where close to home that youve never seen because you never had time because you were to busy traveling across country to see whatever… Just think no kids yelling are we there yet, no wife yelling at you for taking the wrong turn. No traffic jams, And not spending 10 dollars a head eating out 2 to 3 times a day. Youll save miles on your vehicle and gas at around $2.50 per9/10 of a gallon… Lets not leave out the cost of sleeping in a room at 90+ dollars per night and you normally are there for less than 12 hours… So now you factor in all the cost add it all up now you can take part of that money you will save by staying home and now head out as a family to your favorite TV store and buy the biggest TV you can afford and dont forget the surround sound system. And Id bet you still got money left over to stop by the buffet for supper. BUT FIRST take you new TV home or it may not be in you car when you come out from eating… So enjoy your home vacation… We did it last year and it was awesome. Getting me from place to place can be a challenge at times and its quite painful for me to travel so I wasnt having to pop pain pills that just knocked me out… Be blessed… BBE..

    • Bobby Baldeagle Bobby Baldeagle you save a lot of money and b.s. but you miss the smell of the juniper trees, the bitter flavor of the Mormon tea bush, the true vastness of the chasm and the weighty grit of mind-blowing 270 million – 2 billion year old rocks as you hold them in your hand and inspect them for fossils, or when you stand on the rim, looking up at a dark sky, blanketed in stars so thick that you dont need a headlamp to get back to your lodging, all while wind whispers through the void as though the canyon has secrets to tell you and only you.

      You miss so much when you experience life from an easy-chair, disabled or not. There are plenty of disabled visitors that come to see this magnificent place… Ive given tours to them. Helped them in and out of my Jeep, in and out of their wheelchairs and held their hands as they gasped and sobbed at the beauty of this place… Something they never did while watching Grand Canyon documentaries. Theyve wept and told me that the money they spent (sometimes entire life savings) to see it didnt matter once they laid eyes on the place and felt its everlasting presence. Theres a feeling that seeps into your bones when you come here… Especially if you hire a guide to teach you Grand Canyons story and about all this place has to offer.

      I hope you change your mind and come visit someday. Let me know, Ill come tell you Grand Canyons story for free.

  17. Awesome info! Do you recommend the train ride from Williams?

    • The national park is in northern Arizona, which accounts for 277 miles of the Colorado river. The river actually stretches 1500 miles through multiple states where there are many other great canyons too.

    • Yes I do. Its a great alternative to driving. The railway is historic, and once a month a steam engine is used, so kids and train buffs will love it. The views from the train arent that impressive, especially if you were hoping to see the canyon. That said, once in the park you can easily walk around, use free shuttles or an affordable taxi and guided bus tours. The free shuttles are best used in the morning. In the afternoon they can become packed as sardines. March, late December, and June until October are busiest.

  18. If you want to avoid the crowds simply hike down into the canyon.  Far fewer than 1% of visitors go to the river.  Hike down on the South Kaibab, (theres no water on this trail) stay at the Phantom Ranch or Bright Angel Campground (need to make reservations a year in advance or chance getting a walk up permit) for a couple of days and hike back up on the Bright Angel.  Itll be one of the greatest experiences of your life.

  19. Thank you very much for this short travel guide. I always appreciate someone else Keeping It Super Simple.
    One thing I might add for criticism – would be to leave out the cut scenes with animation. Besides that , great info. Thanks again

  20. I just came back from visiting the Grand Canyon. I wish I had seen this video prior to my trip. Very useful information. Thanks….

  21. Thanks for the video. Very informative. Subscribed, notifications on!

  22. All of the shots you’ve taken I remember. I’ve lived in Arizona my whole life and I’ve never been here till last December . I’ve been to flagstaff a lot but not the Grand Canyon

  23. Thank you, we will be going at the beginning of June and this is very helpful. I received an email stating that the road construction will be ongoing at that time. We will be staying in the Village for a few days and will be taking a small plane trip from the Grand Canyon airport…will this road construction be a problem for us getting to the airport and how long does it normally take to get there?

    • The construction will be ongoing through the entire year. Most village work was done in winter and spring. Summer and fall projects include Desert View Drive / South Entrance Road areas. Delays will very depending on park visitation. More people in the park this year than last, so congestion continues, but visiting in early June is still better than July.

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